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I'm new to this group and have been scanning discussions. Have not found many experiences with brachyseeds. My husband had this radiation therapy Sept. 2001. The cancer was contained within the prostate. He is 73 and in excellent health otherwise so the Md's thought it would be a breeze for him. It wasn't. He had over a year of urgency to urinate (couldn't leave the house) pain and straining on urinating and burning sensations. Happily, most of the terrible symptons have finally subsided and his psa is normal. However, he still has to take Flomax everyday, which is to minimize straining and pain. Has anyone else had experience with Flomax?. Will he have to take it for the rest of his life? Any feedback would be appreciated. Schuyler


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    Had seed implant 1/9/02, now 58 and psa around 0.1 Took Flowmax for a short while - Doctor put me on Cardura (doxazosin mesylate)as I had similiar problems. Not sure if Flowmax may be same but ask your doctor. Most of the symptoms have lessened over time and/or I am getting to accept them as normal - I try to wean myself from the Cardura and find I still need it but can go without for longer and longer times in between refills. Either way I found the seed implant to be the proper course of action for me.

    However, I can say that these are mild problems when we consider the potential threat we faced. I am glad to hear your husband is doing well.

    God Bless and contact me if I can help.
    Joe Nutter
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    Thirteen weeks ago I had Iodine 125 seeds implanted into my prostate. Ever since then, I have been unable to urinate on my own. Immediately following the surgery, I had a penile foley catheter since it was determined that I had a stricture in my urinary tract. After 7 weeks, I was switched to a suprapubic foley since I was still unable to go. I am 57 and have had BPH for perhaps 8-10 years but never had a problem uninating or any prior prostate surgery. Now at 13 weeks I still cannot uninate on my own except for a few painful dribbles--nothing approaching a stream. I take flomax and proscar. I wish you well. God bless. Paul
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    I had brachytherapy procedure in 1998 when I was only 56. I admit having pain when urinating for at least two years. The intensity diminished around September of 2000. I had a PSA of 10.1 and a Gleason of 8.5 (highly aggressive cancer). I was NEVER on any medication. My doctor recommended saw palmetto but under close supervision and only for limited time. My stream while urinating is NORMAL and the pain is completely gone. My PSA is 0.02!!!!! I percieve life in a more positive way. In fact, getting up in the morning and going to the store make me very very happy. I wonder if you have discussed this with your doctor and what he recommended. I wish you well..