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Hi folks!

I am new to the group but looking through the messages I can see that there is a lot of support and good will out there!

I had a masectomy and lymph node dissection last month. I now need to consider getting a prosthesis. Ihave no idea what it is like being fit for a prosthesis, how one goes about getting a prosthesis, issues or concerns I should ask about, etc. If any one has words of wisdom/experience on the subject, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I'm feeling very lopsided (I'm big busted), flat and my self image has definite room for improvement!

Thanks in advance for any and all responses!


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    You can start with your local Amer. Cancer Society which has an outreach program. They will fit you and give you the proper bra you need and fit you with the prosthesis that will make you feel balanced and secure. Your insurance company usually will pay for these products. I know medicare pays for reg. prosthesis, swim wear prosthesis, bras, bathing suits etc. because I took my motherin-law to be fitted. This outreach program is fantastic. I borrowed the bra and prosthesis in the beginning, and then as my expanders were being filled, I returned those items. They gave me wigs, turbans, sleep caps, heart pillows, make-up and classes (Looking Good Feeling Good). Just make a phone call and find out where they are in your area. Good Luck.
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    Welcome L Kauffman!
    On one hand, I am sorry you are here, on the other, it's great that you found us! *tight hugs*
    Hmmm, cannot help ye' with the prosthesis and such... I am a "TramFlapper" of July 22, '02... (you can click on my name and read my saga *grin*) but I know you'll find what you need and do follow Iris' advice, they'll get you fixed up properly, surely! Don't let your self-image rely on what you are "missing"... focus on all that you have!

    The big thing- know that you are here, you are beautiful and you'll come through this in great shape! Believe it.

    Be well and, again, welcome!
    Marty in Michigan
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    Dear Lopsided,
    MAN O MAN can I Relate!!!! It almost a year before I went after mine and I love love LOVE it!! When you are wearing it you can not even tell the diffence!! I swear to you it feels so natural. The only time I even know that is not real is a night when I take it off to take a bath or go to bed.

    I dont know where you live but I you should be able to get a sales rep or a store recommended by your Doctor office. Ask around the office next time or just call them. I found a little shop here where I live not far from the Mall that sales nothing but masectory bras and prosthesis and clothes. I found one of there business cards in my docs office one day.

    I even go a swim suite there. You may even try the yellow pages.
    Go for it GF.. it is wonderful to feel ''balanced'' again... my only regret is that I waited so long to get mine!

    Oh yeah BTW -- I am going after my second one soon - I have lost 30 pounds and now Im lop sided again..LOL>>but is in a good way!
    I have about 20 more pounds to lose and then will go get second one that MORE matches the OHTER ONE>. now .. here is a wierd question?? why is it that when I lose wieght it comes off in my chest.. where I want to keep it .,.and NOT off on my rear where it just STAYS AND STAYS!!!!! ooh well such is life.!!LOL *grin* Much luck and contact me anytime
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    Dear LOP sided.
    OH I cant belive I left out the BEST PART>. If you get your Doc to write you a presicption for the silcone prosthesie YOUR insurance will pay for about 80% of it AND four new bras!!! I reckon it depends on what insurance you have, but i am sure most , if not all, will pay at least part..OK Im gonna shut up now!!
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    I know right where you are coming from. I'm located in a very rural area and the American Cancer Society Chapter isn't real quick with responses for help, even with the Reach to Recovery Program. My surgeon did set me up with an appointment at the pharmacy in a hospital about 25 miles from home. I took our college-age daughter along to help me with the choices. The lady was very helpful, took her time with us. she measured me and did let me try on different shapes to find what best matched 'me.' There are also different forms, latex, foam, silicone, etc. She had mastectomy bras for me to try, too. In the end, I had to order because she didn't have what I wanted in my size. Since then, however, I have purchased items from the TLC catalog put out by the American Cancer Society. You can call 1-800-850-9445 for a catalog.
    If you do live in an area where you can be fitted and try on (at least the first time or two), I think you'll feel more comfortable. My surgeon wanted me to wait a few weeks before being fitted in case of swelling so in the meantime, I bought bras with removable gel packets.
    Hope some of this information will be helpful. Let us know how you're doing.
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    Hi and welcome. You'll find alot of friends here and great support and comfort. I don't know where you live but you can try with a medicial supply store (where they sell stuff for women like us) or TLC catalog or there has to be some speciality store near you. I live in Italy and our social medicine system gives them to us and we are called back every 4 years for a new one. I had to be fitted for it. I opted for this solution because I want to wait the 5 years before having the recontructive surgery. Anyway, I don't wear it inside the house because I find it heavy and uncomfortable. I have a mastectomy bra and it's tight to keep it in it's place. Good luck and let us know how you make out. hugs, Marie