Thankyou for your responses/ and CT scan Update.

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Thankyou so much for support and messages to me on this board. It really helped.
I got the results tonight from my CT Scans.
AB Scan was clear, and my Chest CT showed no
progression of disease with some of the "Small Stuff" a little smaller. My 3cm
tumor did not change is size.
My Onc. said we'll do one more infusion of
the Carbo/Taxol and then re-evaluate with a Pet Scan. My Dr. mentioned Gemzar. Have anyone out there had experience with this Chemo ?? Does it take more than 3 infusions for the Carbo/Taxol to get a better response?
I hope all of you out there are doing well.
God Bless


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    Hi, Janet. I too am new to this group and reading the discussions have helped me a lot. I've had six rounds of carbo/taxol last year and am currently in remission. It seems to have worked for me. However, everyone is different. I do know I could not have withstood any more and maintain any quality of life. I am not familiar with Gemzar, but new protocols are coming out all the time. I would strongly suggest that you get a second opinion if you have any questions about your treatment. I did so many times at my own expense when I was faced with uncertainty as to what and how much treatment I needed. I live near New Orleans so I checked with a specialist at Tulane University Hospital. I did not have any treatment there, just wanted a second unbiased opinion. It will help you feel more confident about your treatment when you've checked all the facts. Best of luck to you. your test results must have really cheered you up. Schuyler