Inkblot, you are divine!

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Dearest Inky!

Your response to the Her2Neu post last week was fabulous. Seriously, I've had occasional worries about this whole Her2Neu thing. You've put them to rest, for good. *shakes head* Amazing.

Be well Inkblot. My hero! *wink, grin*

*begin quote* Look at it this way: 20 years ago, no one knew beans about Her/2neu. In another 20 years they'll be able to test for things we cannot now imagine. Yet, it's very safe to say that many, many women who were treated for bc 20 years ago survived nicely, although they were also Her/'s just that no one knew at the time, as there was no test for it. This has been proven in some women who've had bone mets occur 15-20 years following initial treatment...their mets were Her/2neu! This would indicate that their initial breast tumors had also been Her/2neu but unknown. A met 20 years later from a so called aggressive tumor wouldn't seem very aggressive in the big picture, I don't think. (this happend to my best friend's sister in law) *end quote*


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    Hi Marty:

    I'm so glad that my post helped you in some way. I think we sometimes get so caught up in our fears about certain aspects of our cancer that it's difficult to view/review our concerns in a fashion unclouded by that fear. And yeah, words like "aggressive" certainly contribute to such a state of mind, particularly early in our dx!

    I too was concerned about the Her/2neu properties of my cancer but the more I learned, the less concerned I became (and mine was level 3, Her/2! Just like your own) I well recall thinking, when I first heard about Her/2neu and that I had a healthy case of it: Geez, Luiz, this things' likely to be back in no time!!! Sooo, I talked at length with my doctor's, other survivors, researched, read and digested everything I could find about it and it was well worth the effort. Peace of mind was found. Sharing it is an easy thing to do and so, you've made my day in letting me know that it helped you in some way.

    That's why we're here. To share and help one another in whatever ways we can and when "I" can help such a positive, upbeat lady as yourself...well, I may be a few inches off the ground for a whole day or two now! Ha.

    Continue to take excellent care of you and here's a couple of warm hugs you can either use now or save till you really need em. (As you know, there's no shortage of hugs round here, so the script is indefinitely refillable)

    Love, light and laughter,