Preliminary Update

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Dear Sisters,
Just to let you know that after having the sonogram, the preliminary results of the tests are negative (no cancer), but the radiologist said that it was up to the surgeon if he wanted to biopse the lump. I will keep you posted. I'm still trying to reach my onc. for my blood count problem, still exahusted, but marching bravely on.
Hope you are all doing as best as you can,


  • martyzl
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    Things will get better Jenn!
    Jenn, I take herbs and vitamins daily (well, when I don't forget! *laughs*) and thus far my blood counts during chemo have stayed "normal" (the only thing about me that can be described thusly! *wink*). Anyway, my onc tells me to keep doing what I am doing... my energy level is pretty consistent after the first week, the first week I am a bit low and upset of the ol' tum but all in all, I am doing very well.
    *If* you are interested in checking the herbs and such out and want to ask your onc about it... please feel free to contact me, I'd love to help any way I can!

    Be well, take care of yourself!
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    So glad to hear the preliminaries look good. It really should be up to you if you want to be biopsied or not...if they happen to say no, and you want it done, force the's your body! Best wishes to you...God bless, Cyndi