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My how life seems to get moving quickly and pretty soon can't seem to do all the things I did when I wasn't working. Life is busy, work is going well but struggle with energy lows trying to do it all. I am fortunate to have very understanding bosses and have been able to return to work on a gradual basis, it just seems that I am eager to get on with things.
Yes I have days when I am doing better than I have in since by dx with bc almost 6 years ago now but I have days when I feel so bad and depleated that I have to remind myself all I have done. It is hard to stay enthusiastic when pain and energy problems keep coming my way.
Well ladies I have to say those of you getting pain addressed so soon after surgery are doing well. I had to suffer for years before anyone would do anything or give me anything other than anti depresants. I think doctors are learning and seem to do be listening alittle better to our concerns. I just wish that we didn't have to suffer and deep down I still feel, no one should have to suffer. With all we know and have to help us there are still to many suffering.
Nerve pain after such surgery is very common it is whether it lasts or not which is the telling sign. Some of us, looks like many of us are very sensative to everything so have to rely on meds to help us get through all we have to endure. Quality of life should be our bottom line and if you haven't got it, fight for it.
Love to all,
I hope you are all being very good to yourselves, I am. If I am tired and sore I take care of myself and do less. I have learned a thing or two this past year.


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    Hi Tara!
    I was glad to see your post! I thought about you recently, and was hoping 'no news is good news'. I figured you were busy getting back into the working world.
    I feel for you with your depleted energy. Sounds like you're doing what you can to help that. Be sure to continue taking care of yourself!
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    Hi Tara....glad you're doing well and recognizing when you need to rest, Take good care of you!! God bless, Cyndi