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Hi all....hope everyone is doing well. I saw my medical onc today, and told her I was feeling something in the other breast. It's weird, because they say that if it gfeels symmetrical on both sides, it's usually not a problem. Well, the area in question on the other breast is right in line wih he area I had the lumpectomy on the other. So, can't tell if it's symmetrical or not. She said it's definitely a change, but not to panic, because it could jus be a fibrocysic change, which is common when you get nearer to menopause. So, she changed the order for the mammo from unilateral, to bilateral with an ultrasound on the new area. If I can keep the same appt I had, it will be the 27th. So pray for me...pray for me to make it that long without going off my rocker! Geez...I hate the waiting!!! Love to all, Cyndi


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    Hi Cyndi,
    I will pray for you and hope everything is just some normal changes. Try to stay positive, which I know is very hard at times. It's very good that you are keeping such a close eye on things and she is sending you right to an ultrasound. If you feel like you can't wait maybe you could call the onco and see if she would schedule the ultrasound sooner. I think the worry sometimes is just as bad on our health as anything else. I asked my onco yesterday on your friend, and he said that is not a symtom he knows of happening usually. He did add that everyone is different and handles the drugs in MANY different ways. He said tell her to keep a close eye on it and report and lingering things going on. Again, you will be in my thoughts and prayers!! Keep smiling:):)