S.O.S. Part II!!

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Dear Sisters,
Just to let you know that, my radiation oncologist saw me today and ordered a sonogram to check my lump which I will have Monday. As far as my wbc, we're considering a medication via injection to boost my inmune system. I'll keep you gals posted.


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    My prayers are w/ you, better to safe than sorry, but I'm sure its nothing. The shots I'm betting are Nupregen. I took them (3 of them). God bless hummingbyrd.
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    Hi Jenn! I hope you get a good report on Monday. As far as your low wbc, when I had chemo, I had to give myself Neupogen shots during 2 of the cycles. Fortunately, they helped enough that none of my chemos were delayed. Take care...Geral
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    Hi Jenn:

    Try to stay calm and save your energies re
    Monday. I had lumpectomy and chemo followed by radiation and in the area of my scar, it felt as if I had several lumps, for a good 6 months. However, they were simply scar tissue, which eventually resolved greatly. Now that my breast is completely healed, there's only a very tiny bit of scar tissue remaining there. Mammo shows it clearly and I know it's nothing to worry about.

    Wanted to let you know also that many women develope little benign cysts following lumpectomy, often, in, under or around the surgical scar area. So, don't get all strung out! Hopefully, it'll be nothing and you'll breathe a sigh of relief as we all will with and for you!

    Best of luck and warm hugs.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Dear Jenn,
    I learned when I took neupogen shots that if you take a couple of advil with them you won't have bone pain. They worked for me during my treatments with Aydriamycin. Best wished and prayers are with you on this website.
    :) Paulette
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    Hi there, just wanted to let you know after radiation I had a hard lump on the incision site, it has softend since and got smaller. Drs. say its scartissue, also I gave myself NEUPOGEN shots daily inbetween chemo treatments up to 10, to boost my WBC, it worked and all my chemo went as scheduled. Just finished 3 weeks ago. Best wishes, take care, lots of good wishes coming your way....Emmi
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    Keep your chin up Jenn....lots of prayers for you! God bless, Cyndi