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I have my 6th and final treatment next Friday of AC and Toxatere(sp). I have heard many stories of hair coming in different color and texture. How long does it take and should you take vitamins that help hair growth? This website really has been a blessing.

Bobbie Jo, Virginia Beach, VA


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    Congratulations on making it through therapy. A lot probably depends on how fast your hair grows, vitamins of course can't hurt, it took my hair about 5 months to grow in enough to not wear a cap. I do advise letting your scalp get as much air as possible (in house, backyard (but don't sunburn!)) Good luck, you're on the downhill slide from here! God bless, HummB
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    Bobbie Jo
    I had peach fuzz in February and stopped wearing my wig to work on August 1st. My hair always grew very slow so you may have a faster regrowth. Mine came back very curly (previous hair was straight/wavy) and it had a lot of gray in it in patches. I hadn't had gray before ... I used a temp color on it which didn't take to well ... a couple weeks later I used a permanent color from the drug store and it worked better and didn't seem to hurt my hair. That was in 2001 ... since then I grew it to shoulder length and it stayed curly wavy ... cut it short, grew it out a couple inches ... etc. I have had 5 hair cuts. The gray seems less but I do color it now ... and the curls ar loose. I like it. Good luck and let us know how your curls go!!! Jamie
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    Dear Bobbie Jo
    YIPpppeEEEE .. made it to the last ONE>>YEAH>> I'll thinkin of you on Friday!
    As for the hair-well mine started coming back in before my last treatment- very light and VERY curly - that was almost a year ago. I stopped wearing caps/wig about this time last year. It was very very short and my friend and I used to go to the mall and pretend we were men! LOL was great fun. good luck - wish you all the best!
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    Hi Bobbie Jo! My hair was 27" long, straight and with some body before I had chemo 7/00. A hairdresser friend told me your hair grows 1/2" per month which was true for me. My hair came in its original color but curly. Now, my hair is past my shoulders. It has alot of body and is still curly on the bottom half. It's like having a built-in perm!
    Congratulations on finishing chemo!!!Take care...Geral (P.S. my first name is Bobbie also!AND I also live in VA!..Richmond, VA)
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    Hi Bobbie Jo,
    I finishd my chemo the end of July. My scalp is completely covered and the top is getting pretty thick. It is wavier than it was before altho' it is now tinged with white (side effect of the taxol they tell me) and much darker than my original color. I am also on steriods which might have something to do with it. From what I hear your hair should definitely be wavier and different texture than it was originally. Congrats on making it thru chemo. Now you get to concentrate on feeling good!
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    Congrats on reaching the end of chemo! I had my last AC on May 31st, and got my first haircut today. I've been able to go without a hat or scarf since mid-September. My hair was curly before, but it's REALLY curly now.
    I'm keeping it really short until I see if it's going to straighten out some.
    Peace - Diane
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    Hello Bobbie Jo, I still remember the sense of accomplishment I felt after finishing treatment. Sense of relief that it was over. I am happy that you are at the end of treatment. I am envious of all these curls that everyone else got. My hair came in white and dark but slowly returned to it's original light brown (dishwater blonde) with a lot of grey. I got some fuzzy wuzzy hair on the peak of my forehead but NO CURL.....I just passed my 2 year mark and I think my hair is getting thinner all the time. I have read that Tamoxifen causes breakage and I think that is whats happening to me. BUT "hair...I don't care" Just happy to be here. Love to you, Nancy