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I was diagnosed NSCLC 3 months ago stage llA or B. I'm in radiation and chemo now. 14 rad. treatments and 2 chemos. I had a violent reaction to Taxol and only Carboplatin is used now. My question is I had no prior symptoms that I know of, I have severe COPD and it was discovered during my physical. The past 3 or 4 days I have started coughing up blood. Some fresh but most looking old and semi-coagulated. Is this an expected part of treatment or are there other probable causes for the blood. The radiation is starting to bother my throat.


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    I would think the blood is from the radaition doing its work. I went threw the same thing. I had to lay on my belly first thing in the AM and cough the stuff up.The radation shure do work.By the way, that was 10 years ago. Hang in there dont give up hope bobz1
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    Hi -
    I'm stage 4 NSCLC and was diagnosed 22 months ago. Started with Taxol and radiation. Had one violent reaction to Taxol when the drip rate was too fast and I got VERY RED and HOT. But it got corrected and I finished the series.

    The radiation bothered by ability to swallow for a while and I was on a pretty liquid diet. Lost a lot of weight, but put it all back. Tne taxol and radiation did shrink my tumor, (long story) and by now I have completed chemos of Gemzar; Taxotere; and navilbene. Now I am on the experimental drug Iressa.

    have never brought up any blood in my phlegm so I'd make sure your Oncologist knows.

    Don't lose faith, but expect it to be a long road.
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    they will dose u all they can. let them know all effects as that will tell them the limit. radiation is like a burn so all burn treatments will help reduse the side effects