79 Year Old Mother..Had lung removed

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I am new to this area of Chat Room and NEED HELP...
My 79 yr. old mother just had her right top half of lung removed on Tuesday. She is in ICU in Medford, Oregon at the moment.
All her Doctor has said to me is the fact that they "hink" they got it all and they took out the lymp noodes to see if it has spread. The test comes back in about 10 days.
Does anyone know anything more...What I should be asking, or doing???
I am at a loss...an only child with a father that is 88 and not a clue on what is happening here..
Please any thoughts would greatly help


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    Hi Sandy -
    Sorry to hear your Mom had to have her lung partially removed, but take solice in the fact that the Dr "thinks" he may have gotten it all. They don't usually even go that far.

    After you receive the tests, if they prove that its all gone - throw a party and go about life as usual. 1 1/2 lungs is plenty.

    I will pray for her and hope you will pray for me. I'm stage four and have been fighting it for 22 months. Now I'm on experimental drugs which seem to be working ok. We'll know soon.

    Keep up your spirits and try to heep up your Mom's too. Its like being at war; either you dominate it, or let it dominate you.

    Good luck.
    Tom O'Rourke
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    Hi, Im a 10 year lung Cancer survivor.Just the fact that they were willing to operate on a 79 year old women is good news. In most cases if a person is over 70 they may not make it threw the sregury. Just hang in there, Say lots of prayers and dont let her give up. She will be one sore lady, but dont let her lay around.Get her shopping, walks do good. Give her lots of support. If I can help any further let me know Bobz1 Or you can call me at (561) 965-2033
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    Hi Sandi,

    Your mother must be pretty healthy for the doctors to do the surgery on her. They must also think that the cancer would all be removed with the removal of part of your mother's lung. Wait for the results from the test regarding the lymph nodes. If they are clear, then that's great news. She probably won't need any radiation or chemo.

    I had the left upper lobe removed on 4/8/02. My lung cancer was diagnosed during a routine xray when I was being treated for breast cancer in January. I had a lumpectomy and then 30 radiation treatments on my breast. After the lung cancer surgery, I had no lymph nodes affected, so I had no radiation or chemo. I'm back to doing all my normal activities and am feeling fine.

    Be there for your mom and help her in her recovery. Stay positive and take it one day at a time. I'll answer any questions you have if I can.

    Hugs from Carolyn
    Hugs from Carolyn
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    Dear Sandi, Thefact that your Mother's cancer was operable is good.
    I had one lobe of my left lung removed 2 years ago with 6 out of 9 nodes positive. I am a 56 year old female. I had radiation for prevention of recurrence. I had a malignant lesion on my right lung removed one year later almost to the date of the first. I've had chemo as my cat scans and pet scans pointed to suspected metastases. My prognosis is good and I am "clean" right now. The most important things you can do for your Mother is educate yourself on this disease (I relied heavily on www.cancer.org and the American Lung Association) and the treatment options if more treatment is indicated. Also, get second opinions on everything. I changed three of my doctors over the past two years. I had to pay for the additional opinions myself as my insurance did't cover that, but it was worth it. I feel I am alive today because I questioned some doctors' advise. Find ones you are comfortable with and are up to date. One last note. I have a close friend who had her whole right lung removed 5 years ago when she was in her seventies. She had positive nodes and preventative radiation. Other than some diminished lung capacity, she is healthy and leading a normal life. Best of luck to you both. Schuyler