Speaking of Vaccinations

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I have been keeping track of the plan to have small pocks vaccinations available for the general public. I'm sure everyone is very careful about things going into our bodies after this but be sure to consult with your doctor if they they are provided. Some people should not take the vaccine or even be around others tat do take it for two weeks. Some risk catagories are people with autoimmune issues, eczema, skin conditions ... I had eczema and Hoshimotos Thyroid Infection (an autoimmune) and cancer can be concidered and autoimmune issue ... plus the chemo may have changed our chemistry completely. Sorry if I have upset anyone with this ... just found it interesting and wanted to share. Jamie


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    Should we all talk to our oncologists or other MD's about the risk of our taking the small pox shot? I feel like I have had so much radiation and chemicals in my body that maybe smallpox couldn't live either? Just a joke. Just don't want to deal with that possibility at all, but if it comes to that, we'll have to deal with it. thanks for the tip...wouldn't have thought of it. Mary