mothers lung cancer

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How do we know we have the right doctor?


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    first off, I'm sorry to hear your mother has lung cancer. I'm 62 years old in Rhode Island and am Stage four. Been fighting this damn disease for 22 months now.

    I suggest you contact your health service provider for a list of Oncologists in your area, then check them out on the internet re experience, etc. that's what I did last yeay when I wanted to spend some time in my condo in Jupiter. Found a great Oncologist in Boca Raton - Dr Patel, but its probably too far away for you.

    I've had four forms of chemo - Taxol; Gemzar; Taxotere; and Navilbene. Now I am on the experimental drug, Iressa and feel pretty good.

    Good luck and our prayers are with you.
    Tom O
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    u can go on the net and see if MDA-houston can help. Try iressa first. all depends on type and level. good luck