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Good morning to you all,
I wanted to share something that I have been consentrating on this past year. I have also been helping to calm the mental anxiety of a 12 year old figure skater back home who is very talented. But we all know that how our minds react to things and how we learn to cope with all we feel is very important. I also know that the mind and not being able to control it can be harmful and has buried some of the worlds best athletes.
"We live in an extremely externalized culture. We are constantly pulled outside of ourselves - by other people, by the media, by the demands of daily life. Nothin in our culture or in our education teaches us how to go INWARD, how to steady the mind and calm our ATTENTION. As a consequence, we tend to devote very little time to the life of the soul, the life of the spirit. We need to learn to pace the intensity of modern life. Alone in moments of prayer, or meditation, or simply in stillness, we breathe more deeply, see more fully, hear more keenly." This was a quote out of Oprah magazine that I had read and found that this is something I have been concentrating on this past year. This was written by Thoma Moore.
If anyone is having a hard time putting their cancer and fears behind them I suggest a very good book that has helped me see the things I do to purpetuate the feelings I have. The Book is The Feeling Good HANDBook
by David D Burns MD. There are certainly some very good exercises to think about and do to change how we talk to ourselves so that we too can nurture our beings.
This last year has been quite a trip for me even though having cancer was a trip all of its own. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing very well, better than I have been in over 7 years.
Looking back we can all probably see things in retrospect, symptoms we might not have paid much attention too like being tired. Some of us expect this with the lives we lead and taking care of our families.
This last year off work and still sick I had to do everything I could do to change my coarse in life because I refused to stay disabled and sick, I wanted for much more in my life. I think we all owe it to ourselves to make ourselves the priority in our lives and do all we can to minimize the risks we face and increase our quality of lives.
Now I get as much sleep as possible and work our knowing these are two things that I can do and quite frankly can't afford not to, can't afford not to take control of my life and the quality I so much want out of it.
My work is going very well, nice to back with all the people and the friends I didn't know I had. I am staring to work on 6 hour days now that I have been back at this for just about a month.
Once again I need to stress the fact that we can overcome and be better than we were before. Imagine cancer doing that.
Love to you all,
You are my true inspirations,


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    God bless you, Tara, and thanks for the inspiration!!! Hugs, Cyndi
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    Hi Tara:

    It's so good to read your positive, good news post! You've been through some deep valleys and now here you are on the up side!!! It warms my heart and I share your joy. Although the work is constant and can be arduous, the rewards are so worth it. That peaceful feeling that life is good after all and the confidence to keep on working at it, is worth everything. That message shines right through your words.

    Continue to feel good and keep sharing the message!

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hello Tara,
    I had to reread what you wrote a couple of times because it was so right on and expressed beautifully. I have just had my reconstruction surgery 3 weeks ago, and still feel swollen and sometimes switch from the sport bra to just an ace bandage to hold me together nd alleviate some of the pain. The change for me is that I have started to use the Yoga excercises to go within and find that still moment, breathe with a silken flow, relearn my body and it's capabilities with the stretching, balancing and strengthening that is beginning to unfold. It is during those moments that I have suspended time and find myself pain free. When the session ends, there is another level of energy and support I can draw from. I find myself feeling happy and capable of seeing future.Music is my other avenue, and I submerge myself with relearning the notes and hieriglyphics of the score that surprisingly makes music. I have taken violin lessons from a very generous teacher that gives group lessons for free at a local church. I do not have a violin, but have enjoyed the lessons anyway and sight read the music to follow along. The energy in the room is priceless and the sounds are vibrationally healing all by themselves. I have been sitting through the children's class and have been so inspired to see such talent. One little girl plays an 1/8 violin size because she just turned 5 and is very petite. She has been playing for two years and can lead the class. Another 11 yr old boy plays the cello and played with such emotion it had to ring to the heavens. The Sunday I heard him in concert, he had one of the other Mother's (who happens to be a profession concert pianst) accompany him in a complicated classical piece. The music was breath-takingly beautiful and flawlessly executed by both. I feel fortunate to seek out all this that is around me and feel good about whatever level I can join in is still special. Thanks for letting me share with you. Sending you light, love, laughter and hugs, Iris