Lung Metastasis

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I was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer in January 2002. I have undergone 6 months of Chemotherapy. During the initial CT Scan to determine metastasis, I was informed that the cancer had not spread. After switching doctors I learned that there was an abnormal node in the lung. Follow-up in June during treatment indicated no growth. A x-ray on the 29th indicated the node has grown. My question, has anyone had colon cancer that has metastacized to the lung, without going to the liver. All documentation indicates this can happen, however, 1 doctor said it is unlikely. I'm concerned that this abnormal, growing node is not going to be taken seriously. A follow-up CT Scan is scheduled for Monday with a pulmonologist appointment for December. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I am very concerned that my lung is now involved.


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    Hi sbj4him,Iwas stage 3 with 6 pos nodes. I asked my onc about the cancer spreading and he replied that in my case anywhere from the tips of my toes to the roots of my hair. I stayed in touch with my companions from chemo and Tom metastasised to the liver after stage 3. His liver was resected but 9 months later he was diagnosed with colon cancer again ,once again stage but a completely different primary. It was removed as well as rogue cell carcinomas (both secondaries fron the second colon cancer)from his pancreas and lung wall. ^Six mos later he was diagnosed with throat cancer then lung,again both were colon secondaries. I really think that it is very dangerous for treating doctors to develop tunnel vision about where cancer should and shouldn't reappear after all we aren't modular were all in one piece and I think that if you aren't satisfied with what you are hearing please get a second opinion.Cheers Ron,PS By the way I'm still clear at 5 years.
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    I was also stage 3 colon in Dec 2001, and advised that spread would be to lung or brain, but always also to liver, so I've had liver checks since. Now I have multiple secondaries to both lungs, and my liver is clear, so I am really annoyed that the check we were using was useless. Can anyone tell me if the lung abnormalities are not visible by bronchcospy, if that means its not Lung disease primaries, but rather colon secondaries.