stair usage after surgery

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A question I'd like to pose here is how many people who have had the radical prostatectomy operation have been told to severely limit the number of times they go up and down stairs at home (assuming they have a place of abode with several levels). My urologist wants me to limit the number of round trips on the stairs to once per day (or less). I mentioned to him that the book "Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostrate Cancer" says "make as many trips as you'd like up and down stairs" (I had to paraphrase this); his response was that his training indicated that damage could be done internally by going up and down stairs during the 6 week recuperation period. After hearing this, my wife encourages me to follow my urologist's instruction and limit myself to one trip per day. I'd love to hear what other people got as advice on this topic, from their doctor.


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    I wouldn't be one to contradict your doctor's instructions. However, when I had my RP (March 29, 2001) my doctor allowed me to walk as much as I felt like after going home from hospital. We live in a single story home so stairs were not an issue. My catheter was removed in 11 days following surgery and I was walking a mi. before it was removed. Within 4 weeks I was working partial days "gingerly" climbing stairs at will. I am fully recovered and at pre-surgery condition in all ways.

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    It would seem that your wife and doctor should be heeded. You gain nothing by agrravating your surgery and limiting your physical activity for a while seems to make sense. You have nothing to loose by kicking back. You do have something to loose if you tear or aggravate the incision.
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