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Hello everyone...my dr prescribed this to help me sleep. It really works great, but the pharmacist told me long term it could be habit forming. Plus I am already on paxil and this is also an anti-depressant. Anbody else on this or any advice? I really liked how I feel (have only taken a few) but am worried about long term. Thanks. Cathy


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    Hi Cathy...I was given lorazepam when my Dad died, and also when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found that the benefits really outweigh the risks if you take it responsibly. I only take it if I feel really panicky or if I absolutely can't get to sleep. My hubby is a pharmacist, and he said as long as you only take it when you really need it, it's not a problem. Good luck! God bless, Cyndi
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    hey cathy. that is a very habit forming drug. i'm speaking from experience. i ended up in rehab and then a year of counseling to finally stop taking it. let me qualify this by saying i was extremely depressed and abused my prescription so i'm sure not everyone that takes it has the same problem. i wanted to offer an alternative ... 5 years later, i still need something to help me sleep, the doc has tried me on everything under the sun, but what works best? ... tylenol pm ... i love it .... helps the aches and pains ... helps me sleep ... and i don't feel drugged the next day. good luck ... i know my story is not typical, the odd thing though, my sister-in-law became very addicted also. take care ... angie
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    Cathy, I've been on lorazepam for about 7 yrs now. I haven't had any problems w/ addiction, I actually take less now than when I started. I take 2mg at bedtime to sleep (a pretty heavy dose, but I've been on that for 2 yrs). I think the important thing is to know yourself. If you have an addictive personality you may have serious problems with it because it can be very addictive. The big red flag is if u start taking it to 'get a buzz' or if u start taking it more often than prescribed. If u think its becoming a problem stop it but u have to taper off of it or u can have a seizure. If u don't abuse it I think it is a wonderful drug. Another sleeping pill that's nonaddictive is ambien, but u can only take it for 2-4 wks. Hope this helps. Hummingbyrd
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    My husband was prescibed lorazepam when I first got sick. He has been taking it for years now. It makes such a difference and has been a real blessing for us. He hasn't had any problems as far as it being habit forming. He usually takes it regularly, but if he runs out he will go for weeks without taking it without any problems.

    Love, Hugs and prayers,

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    I am fimiliar with lorzepam, and it is
    really a sedative. Although it can be addictive it a mild dose of benzodiazipam with a small antidepreeant added. Ut is usaully given in conjunction with someone who is already taking another antidepressant. I know this because I too have cancer, and was taking paxil with lorazepam. If taken only at night to help sleep it should not affect you that much, abd that small dose is certaintly not enough to worry about becoming addicted, unless you abuse it. I am not a Dr but I am well versed on the medication you are inquring about...I had a breakdown in 1989-90 when I was first diagnosed....The dr gave me this to settle me down at night, because the treatments were much more brutal than they are today. I found the Lord since then and He has taken me out of that nightmare and lightened my burdon a lot....If you are interested in contacting me, my email me at nativeind@hotmail.com
    Be blessed in Jesus Name
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    Dear Cathy
    My radiation oncologist gives me Rivotril (the same family of drugs) for nerve pain. It has the side effect of helping me sleep. It is a tranquilizer. I take only half a tablet daily & it relieves the anxiety I was feeling about the poor results I get from chemo's & it also doed help with the nerve pain. I am not worried about it being addictive as I am already on 70mg of Kapanol(morphine) twice daily for the pain anyway so what the heck.
    Use it wisely if you feel you need it & when it has done it's job wean yourself off it slowly. It will help if you are having anxiety ot trouble sleeping.

    Love & hugs