Lidoderm (lidocaine) patches for breast pain

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Have any of you ever heard of this application? A dr. prescribed them for my chronic post-lumpectomy pain. I haven't filled the prescription yet. Found out it would cost $400 ($160 w/my ins.)! I e-mailed the mfr. and requested discount coupons and asked if they have a patient assistance program in the event the patch works for me. Thanx, Geral


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    Hi Geral,
    I sure hope that this works for you nothing like suffering from Chronic Pain. I was wondering if you have tried Neurontine or Amtiryptoline, these were drugs I first started taking due to chronic pain after surgery. The problem is Nueropathic pain and mine is in nerve endings, I found that these two drugs got rid of most of the problems till I started have problems with stomach. Now am on methadone for the chronic pain I suffer in bowls. Methadone a drug with least of side affects, something I have a problem with no matter what it is I take. I sure hope you are able to find a quality to your life you haven't had for awhile. I do hope that this is your answer.
    Be good to yourself,
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    I have not had a very good response from the patch - however - I have greatly decreased sensation in the skin in the areas I need to apply them too. I would prefer a non-narcotic solution to my chronic pain but I unforunately have not been able to find it. I have found the patch to be the least effective thing I have tried - sorry.