thanks, ladies....but

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you get yourself all worked up about these stupid tests we have to go through and what do they do??? tell you when you get there that the machine is down. i didn't have the MRI yesterday. it will be next wed. the 30th. thanks for all the responses. God bless. Vicki


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    I try not to think of tests in such a negative manner and it seems much more berable. I have really learned this past year fighting back from my problems, that I have to keep everything in perspective and without such tests we would never have the early detections we have now. The way I talk to myself has a direct impact in how I feel about everything I do. I try and watch what I say to myself just as if I was talking to someone else. I am grateful for every test I have and try not to dwell on the reasons I am having them. IT is all about listening and looking after ourselves and part of that is having these tests especially if you can have them. Many reasons why some aren't getting the tests they need just ask a Canadian who wants an MRI.
    Hang in there Vicki, my wish is we all could deal with tests like we do the rest of our lives, they come they go.
    Be good to yourself,
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    Sorry.....we all know the waiting is the worst. I'll keep praying for good results....AND, for a machine that works!!! God bless, Cyndi