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Hello out there, I have a very big problem I was hoping to find help with.
I was diagnosed with Hodgkins stage 4B in 1990. I recieved Chemo & Radiation and was told I was in Remission.
While on a routine checkup i was transporting my films and was looking at them in the bathroom. There was some written reports with them I memorized three of them. One word was Sarcoidosis. I looked it up in the dictionary and learned it was a disease of the lungs and lymphnodes, I thought well i must have misread it. Until strange things started happening. Eventually I got web access and searched under "misdiagnosed Hogdkins" and found an ABC news website with my doctor on it saying that sarcoidosis mimics Hodgkins. I have since found out that the disease Sarcoidosis disapears on it's own half the time and that I was at greater risk of having it instead of Hodgkins.
To make a long story short I have evidence that I was given Chemo & Radiation uneccesarily and it appears to have been intentionaly, as horrible as that sounds thats what it appears to be.
Any law eforcement or Physicians out there please check my story & evidence so that others will not be victimized.
Thank You