My brother was just diagnosed October 22, 2002

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My brother did not even know something was wrong. He went to a doctor 10/19/2002 to havea cyst removed from behind his ear. While the famly doctor was removing it, my brother told him a a stomach virus he had for two days- since then every time he ate, he would hurt in lower stomach. His doctor sent him over to the hospital that day and had an exray. It showed nothing- then a CT scan was ran and it showed a 9cm spot just below the stomach. They sent him to Dublin,GA wheve he had surgery 10/21/02. Yesterday the surgen told us it was Lymphoma. He said he could not get it because it was at the artery that fed the intestional track. He did remove 6 inches from small intestine, and took enough for a sample to send to lab- was was diagnosed as lymphoma. He said he sent it on to New York to find out more about it. Please help!! Are there any survivers out there, and what are some avenues to take. Thanks Jan


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    Hi Jan,

    Yes there are plenty of survivors. A lot of your brother's prognosis has to do with his diagnosis. Is it Non-Hodgkins or Hodgkins lymphoma? What is the stage? (although staging is less indicative of prognosis in lymphomas than in other cancers). Is it aggressive or indolent? Patty
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    Patty is right, there are plenty of survivors out there - I am one.
    All of her questions are right on, too. Once you have a little more info. on what type of Lymphoma your brother has, then it will be easier to research what his options for treatment are and what everyone can expect.
    Don't be afraid to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion also! There are hospitals all over the country that specialize in different cancers. Keep an open mind, and don't rule out having treatment done somewhere else. There are ways of paying for travel and treatment.
    Websites you may want to check out include:

    Good luck.