Making Strides

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Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let you know my family & I will be walking the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and I'll be thinking of all of you! miles while still on chemo - wish mw luck! Doris


  • cruf
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    Hi Doris! Good luck in the walk! I,too,will be doing Making Strides tomorrow but I will be volunteering at the registration desk. My daughter and 3 friends will be helping also. Enjoy! It should be a great day. They're expecting 10,000 people at ours!. HUGS!! Cathy
  • jbeardslee
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    Hi Doris,
    Good luck and take care!
    love, judy
  • nasa2537
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    You go girl!! Make every stride count...remind yourself you're helping to stamp out this dreaded disease. Let us know how it goes! God bless, Cyndi
  • cruf
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    Hi Everybody! I just wanted to let you know I volunteered at Making Strides on Sun. The day was beautiful. We had over 10,000 walkers and raised $800,000. Pretty awsome! Hope everybody gets to experience this! HUGS!! Cathy