To take Faslodex or not to, that is the question...

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Will Faslodex work if Tamoxifen and Femara haven't stopped tumor markers from rising? Or do you think another approach besides hormonal would be better?


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    What stage r u? I'm a 4 w/ 2 bone mets initial dx 6/00. My tumor was ER+/PR+ and HER2NU. I'm on herceptin (great drug) and zometa. I take Aromosin (tamoxifen quit working) also had a hysterectomy 10/01. My markers have been going up since 12/01. I started Faslodex 1 mo ago. New drug not much info. It destroys all estrogen + receptor sites. My question is if markers go up can they tell if it is because of ER?PR? or the HER2NU? If one expresses itself over the others than that would be what u treat. I'll ask my MD. Hummingbyrd