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I was Operated in April 2002. Lobectomy of right lung. Adjuant chemo ( Gemzar + cisplatin ) 4 cycles ( Could not tolerate further ) . Completing 6 months. Touch wood : No recurrance or new lessions or nodes. But there is tremendous amount of pain in my back when I lie down. Can anyone throw some light on 1) the Pain 2) the chances of total cure. The tumour staging was T3 N0 M0.


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    I was operated on in Nov 1992,Almost the same as you.A little more though. to this day the pain is still there.I thank the Lord every time I feel it for I know Im still alive and here on this earth. Let me know what else I can help you with.My Email address is kay1847@webtv.net Ill be here for you.Bobz1
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    hi , I have sclc and inoperable, but they did take a biopsy thru my left rib cage one and a half years ago and it hurts worse now then it did then. I have asked my doctor about this and she just shrugs her shoulders and says I don't know so I just live with it and hope as you do that it means nothing. I also had cisplatin, with vp-16 and taxol. The second cycle I became very ill and had to be hospitalized and they changed cisplatin to carboplatin, and I was able to tolerate it better. I don't know if anyone can tell you if there is total cure, but I think they base it on a 5 year remission. They also say the longer you remain in remission the better your odds are, I guess that is a no brainer on that statement but I have had it said to me by my doctors all the time. I guess I wasn't to much help but I tried anyway. Good luck and God bless. Mike
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    Hi, I'm Betty Jones and I am a lung cancer surviver. I had 1/2 of my left lung removed due to adenocarcinoma in 1987, in 1990 I had a little better than 1/4 of my right lung removed, I had large cell carcinoma. Mine were both contained so I didn't have to have any treatment. You will probably have pain in your back for sometime to come. I still sleep proped up on about 3 pillows and one I just sorta slide up inbetween my shoulders, it helps sometime. They move a lot of things around while they are doing surgery and sometimes it doesn't all go back exactly right for awhile. I can tell you that the pain will get less as the days go on. They opened me up down the chest like open heart surgery,the first time an It took me 6 months to get comfortable. I had expected to be completely well in 6 weeks,did not happen.
    I would be intrested in hearing from you. My email address is jodnns@aol.com