desperate need of support for a friend

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i am trying to find someone who is in the chicago area who has throat/lung cancer to speak with a friend of mine's sister.

her dr gave her the number of only one other male patient and i am trying to find her a female african american woman, dx with throat/lung cancer.

i don't really know all of the details but know that she is in dire need of someone to speak to her. her name is linda, she is 52 yrs old and was a school teacher.

i do know that she really needs someone who understands what she is/has gone through to share with. they have pretty much given her 3 months.

any help would be greatly appreciated. linda does not have access to a computer so i am trying to find someone that would be willing to give me their phone number.




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    Karol - I wish I lived in Chicago but I don't. I live in California near the Bay Area but my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in May. The reason I am emailing you is has your friend looked for alternative ways to help with the cancer. I hesitate to say the word cure, but do not give up hope. There are always other ways. Tom, my husband, has been seeing a Chinese Medical Practitioner who has prescribed many other supplements that have helped Tom tremendously. We also did the Western Medicine with chemo but along with that Tom took about 75 other supplement pills a day. Now is on Iressa. Tom's cancer is in stage 4 but we did not ask for a prognosis - we feel that with Tom's positive attitude and great energy, we are going to fight and win this battle. There are many good doctors out there who can help your friend. If she does not like her doctor, go shopping for another one. It will be along battle but there are healers out there. If you call Michael Broffman (our Chinese Medical Practitioner), perhaps he can recommend someone in the Chicago area. His # is 415-485-0484. I don't know but it would be worth a try. We believe in him so much. If I can be of any further help, please email me at
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    Hi sorry to hear about your friends prognosis. If the Dr's really believe she has 3 months have her talk with hospice they give an enormous amount of emotional support and they'll help keep her comfy, is it small cell or non small cell, my mom died in May 2002 from small cell after 18 months I made sure she was comfortable when she passed it was hard i was in my house for about 60 days near the end i went out twice to the store and I am in the suburbs of Chicago but I personally dont have lung cancer and I am not african american.