Skin Cancer treatment with Fluorouracil cream

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Thanx to everyone for your responses to my previous msg. on 10/9! I'm taking them all into consideration. I'm 'still on the fence' as to what to do about my skin cancer. I had already started the cream before receiving your responses. I agree that surgery was/is prob. the way to go since it's almost 100% eff. However, I still would like to hear from someone who has had skin cancer & has used the fluor-cream. Currently, I apply the cream every a.m. and am supposed to continue this until the area is very painful. Then, I see the dermatologist, & she will tell me if it's time to stop the cream. Then, supposedly the skin cancer will clear up over a period of time. I can still opt for surgery at any time. I'm just so unsure about opting for surgery now since I've already used the cream long enough that I'm feeling a little pain, so it shouldn't be long before I can stop using it. Confused? I sure am! Anyway, again I appreciate all of your responses, & as always, anymore responses are welcome! Thanx, Geral