Michael Scott

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My husband Michael was diagnosed with Oral Cancer a little over a year ago. We have struggled through treatments as the cancer spread and returned without mercy. I know that Michael has communicated with several people through this website. I wanted to let those people know that Michael passed away on Sept. 17th. After his neck dissection the cancer returned to the same area. We went to MD Anderson Cancer Center for a second opinion and they started Chemotherapy there. We returned to Hawaii to complete the treatments but he lost so much weight, was very weak and sick so they admitted him to the hospital. After three weeks they decided that he was too weak and the cancer was growing too fast to have him suffer through more treatments. I brought him home and did home-hospice care until he passed away just 2 months before his 41st birthday.

Michael was a wonderful person and will be missed by so many people. I want to express my appreciation to those people here who supported Michael. It was a relief for him to communicate with people with similar experiences.

Pamela Scott