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I am a 19 yr old male from San Diego Ca. I was diagnosed with Testical Cancer in Feburary of 2002. I knew I had it for about 2 months, But was scared to go to the doctor's. I finally had enough and went to the doctor's in mid Feb. There the urologist told me about me. He sent me for a catscan and told me it was not good. So he set surgery for the day after I went in. It took me about a week to heal up and be able to go back to work. But then he said I will have some rounds of chemo. I go in for the chemo and 4 months later I go for another catscan he said the cancer has spread. So August 26th 2002 I went in for major surgery in LA. It is now Oct 14th and I am cancer free. But now my parents are so hard on me. Forcing me to get a job taking things away from me. They don't know I am still hurting inside. I just don't know what to do anymore or what to feel. Back a few years ago I use to have suicidal urges. I dont feel like killing myself. It just feels like the world would be better without me and put me out of this horriable life I have.


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    Hey my friend, I had exacly the same problem with my testicle(1997)! My name is Rafael and i'm from Brazil. I spent two years treating this testicle cancer that would never go away. It spread out, wich made me do a meadow bone transplant (preety heavy stuff) Now I'm good, healthy and happy. I would like to share my experience and support with you. I tell you that you are a winner and nobody can take this out of you. My e-mail is rafael@fulltecno.com.br Count on me pall!!!!
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    Hello, My name is Peter, I am in Alabama. I was diagnosed in Spring of 1995 with Testicular Cancer. I was in late stage 4 and less than 20% survival. I am coming up on my 8 yr mark. I understand how you feel and to me it seems yourparents are having a problem coping with what happened to you. I don't know if they are in a support group for family members of cancer survivors but it might help all around. That or take them to the group you go to so they can see how others are dealing with the same issues.
    If you are still trying to cope with it feel free to drop me a line my email address is casrvivr1@yahoo.com I will be glad to help out anyway I can. You have to look at it this way you are in a very specail class above everyone else, you have been given a second chance at life. That alone is a miracle. You are here for a purpose, just like the rest of us.