iam a survivor

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When I was 34 I found a lump on my left breast I let it go for a few weeks than dicided to have it check out I went to the ER and they tried to get liquid out with a needle and they couldn't so they set me up for a mammogram and was trouble of what they found they sent me to a surgurn who to a bi surgery and found I had breast cancer I was in so much shock I just could'nt believe it and when he told me he had to remove my breast i was devasted I felt my husband would not want to be with me any more and that it would make me ugly. I was wrong he still loves me and stood by me all the way . Just this year i had reconstructive surgery and have a breast again .They used my stomach . I still need the nipple but since have lost my medical card . and can't afford to have it done. It has been rough and sometimes I still have pain where they had to remove my breast. Iam now cancer free but it has been a hard road to overcome.


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    and I see that you have had to face a few more hurdles along your way. Some of us find the road through recovery involves allot more than we actually thought possible. I have had to fight every step of the way for the Quality to my life I also diserve. Man who would of thought one disease could turn into so many others and it is like the doctors were just trying to wish them away let alone me. 5 years later still surviving and now have Quality to MY Life I really was beginning to think wasn't going to happen for me but I can tell you with persistance and gaining as many coping skills as possible we too can join this thing called living. Start seeing all of your accomplishments and start working on being the best that we can be. I have found living is just allot of hard work but I am up for it. How about the rest of you??
    Being good to ourselves is the key to changing some of what cancer can be the result of. I am working on being things I have never been.
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    You should feel empowered by the fact that you have gone down this long road, and you conquered it yourself! Sure, you had a great support system, and you can't do it without them, but above all, YOU PREVAILED!!!! You go girl!! Keep the faith...you'll get that nipple some day, and always remember, your hubby loves you anyway...you are beautiful with or without the nipple! Have a great week...God bless, Cyndi
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    It's great to be a survivor! The road was rough, but when you get thru the trial it feels like you've just climbed a mountain! I survive each day and have made it this far by the grace of God. Its made me realize that 'all things are possible for him who believes' Mark 9:23. Hang in there and congrats! Hummingbyrd