Hello ladies!

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Hi everyone....well, my hubby and I are back at our home in FL where we belong! It's sooo good to get back. I called my onc to get in for a checkup (she gave me the summer off, as she knew we would be traveling). They couldn't get me in til Nov. 18th, but I'm not having any problems....just the thinning hair from the tamoxifen. But, I went to a salon, and got a nice, short cut to get rid of a lot of the unhealthy, dry hair, and got some good products to use on it, and am taking a hair booster vitamin (figured it couldn't hurt). So far, the hair is looking healthier...not thicker, but healthier!I see my surgeon FOR THE LAST TIME the 19th!!! Dentist on the 20th, and , oh...gynecologist the 28th of this month, & family Dr. Nov.1st. Guess I have them all covered!!! Had jury duty this week....1st time ever. It was interesting, though. That's about it from this end. I have been thinking about you all, and saying prayers that you are all getting through everything you need to do. Take care & God bless, Cyndi


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    Hi Cyndi,
    I am happy you are back home and all is well!! I am sending you good thoughts and prayers for all your appointments coming up!! I just had a pet scan and it was CLEAR!! yeahhhhhhh what a relief! Hopefully I can start to put this behind me and go on with life as I know it. Reconstruction is next! I was called for jury duty last month, but my onco got me out of it! I was just finishing my chemo. Have a wonderful day!!