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Ok It is time for my VERY first check up since being release off chemo. I am nervous as a cat. My apt. is not till the 17th but I can not stop thinking about what can happen. I know it is stupid, but just cant help it.

I am feeling great. Have lost 15 pounds *baggy pants* mostly because I have just been feeling good and am OUT doing STUFF again. NO pain makes for a happy me!! *BG*

Anyone got any "tricks" to keep mind from thinking evil Dr thoughts????

I'd pull my hair out- if I had enough to spare-LMAO which i dont - YET!! but is getting there! *rubs head where hair is coming in*
Much love to all in room
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    I think we all go through this. Take a book you love to read and remember, it is YOUR life, YOUR decisions, ultimately. Remember to strengthen YOUR life by what you do on the days you are on your own. I think we fear the unknown and losing control over our lives more than anything. It takes me a whole day to get over going to the doctor.
    Chin up, you are NOT alone!
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    Howdy! I don't know of any tricks...if you think of any, let me know! It's got to be the worst thing, waiting for these check-up appointments. Just keep thinking have done everything they told you to, you're feeling healthy again (congrats on the weight loss!!), so you are going to be fine. You are going to be fine. You are going to be fine!!!! And don't forget it!! Please let us know how things go, and try not to lose too much sleep, because YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE!!! Love and hugs, Cyndi
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    I relate to that feeling of being so out of control with my thoughts. Very recently, I made a big decision to find some real female friends. Friends that I can go out with, call, and talk about anything. After I actually said this outloud in my head, I made three new friends that week. Yesterday, we met, had lunch, and walked around to literally just discover the neighborhood and discovered how much we have in common. We checked out a variety of differenct stores, gift shops, sea aquarium, ceramic studio, craft places, bead place, southwestern place and laughed a lot and smiled and knocked ourselves out. We didn't spend a lot of money since that was not the purpose, but bonded and had a great time sharing.
    Tomorrow, I am invited to a lunch at another new friends home and we will be a foursome. Quality time with quality friends. It has truly made a difference in my life. I get to see what is going on with them and make sure the topic doesn't get stuck on me and my medical stuff.
    The other thing I did was use my imagery tapes, my seating yoga video (I'm doing the live classes 2x a week), and have favorite CD's handy to soothe me.
    Since, I am still so sore with the expanders, some of my quality time with my hubby is in the hot tub. We each exchange a foot and get a reflexology workout. (Well at least he does, as I am a licensed therapist. But I get a nice foot rub and de-stress).
    My other escape is books. I had learned the secret of the library. Since every time I went they never had any of the author's I was interested in, I learned to look up the books on Then I'd write the Author's name and title down, call the library and reserve it. The library then calls me when the books are in and saves a lot of disappointment. Also, by using Amazon, they help me find new author's of like books so my supply of good stuff is always available.
    Write me and I'll be happy to share recipes, etc. Tell my what your interests are.