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I was prescribed Zoladex as an alternative to having my ovaries removed in order to stop menstruation and chemically induce menopause due to my ER+ status. I received monthly injections in the abdomen for 6 months which were effective in stopping any and all periods. That was two years ago and I have only had one since, but I am still on Tamoxiphen which as you probably know, blocks estrogen. Are you done with the Zoladex injections?


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    Hello KC,

    Not done yet, I have another "implant" of 3 pellets (for 3 months) tomorrow. Not sure but believe I'll be getting a single shot in December to be safe as my last chemo will be in early December.

    Have to admit though... I am LOVING how clear my skin is since the first injection in August! *smiles* Don't miss my periods at all just now.. too much else to worry about and deal with. *grin* Do you get your shots in the abdomen? I think if I'd had a choice, I still would choose having it in the backside. My nurse puts them in the upper buttock so that I can still sit afterward! *laughing* They are so good to me!

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