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Hello everyone, hope all is well with all of you. Just wanted to share the great news that my blood counts are great and the oncologist visit went awesome...He is sending me for a chest xray and I'm praying for the same great news!! Stressing before these visits is unbeilable!!! Wheeewwwww!!! I am still feeling lousy somedays but I was told with having Fibromyalgia that thats the way it is,good days and bad!! THey are still trying new meds. on me to help control the muscle pain and the sleep problems. So I will just hang in there and be patient,,you learn lots of patients with all the doctor visit for to share a story with ya'll ,wondered if anyone every experienced this. my mom was in the hospital for pnemonia and when I was there with her I just took a look at that IV bag hanging there and I was about to be sick,,,I swear my sister was laughing at me, just seeing that bag reminded me of the chemo days!!!YUCK!!! I actually had to get up and walk out of the room before I lost it...and also my kids no longer get red kool-aid!!! Is that not funny or what....just sharing the story with ya'll is making me just wanted to say hello to ya'll and hope everyone is feeling good. God Bless and Take care,,karin


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    Glad to hear you're doing so well, and your spirits are up!! Hawaiian Punch, anyone?? LOL!!! I didn't have chemo, but I can imagine that it is not pleasant to see an IV bag after having one hooked to you so many times. Keep up the good work with the blood counts, and don't stress too much about the x-ray. Easy for me to say...I was a wreck before my first post-treatment mammo!!! I'm sure all will be well! God bless, Cyndi
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    Hi Karin,
    Yes it seems many of us are finding ourselves in this perdicament, side affects from treatments seem to be the reason for our bodies to react this way. I am so glad to hear that others are able to get such a diagnosis so quickly when it took me years. Funny they don't even like to use the word Fibromyalgia with me cause most of my problems are directly related to side affects. It is nice to hear that others aren't given the anxiety and emotional bull that often go with trying to get this addressed and controlled. I guess they have learned a few things over the years and hopefully learn how to give chemo in a manner that won't cause so much stress to the body of some. I am taking amitryptoline to help me sleep and neurontine or gabipentine for the nervous disorders that my body must deal with. I also had to go on methadone to control another bout of pain that no one knows what the cause of it is. I am still searching for answers to that one, which I may never get. Good luck and know that we can return to life as we once knew if the issues are addressed and controlled. Good luck to you on this one.
    Be good to yourself first,