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I'm 25 years old and I was diagnosed w/ stage 3a middl/large b-cell aggresive lymphoma, I just got done w/6 round of chemo/chop and next week I'm starting the radiation treatments for 25 days. if there is anybody w/this type of lymphoma that had a baby after treatment please e-mail me.


  • pumkin
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    Karla, I was in my forties when I did chemo and it threw me into menopause. What has your doctor told you? What has the radiation physician told you about treatment and having a baby? I really think you need to handle your lymphoma and then worry about the rest. I would advise you to finish treatment and then schedule an appt with a high-risk perinatologist. Good luck on the radiation and don't forget to take your nap. Pumkin
  • wallpa
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    My doctor told me that a "woman my age" (43) has a 50% chance of going through menopause from my level of chemo. (8 CHOPs, Rituxan and 18 Radiations) I did, but I luckily have 2 kids already. There weren't any more planned ... at least not by me.

    I am assuming that a woman NOT my age (and younger, like YOU) would have a lower chance of going through menopause. They still don't know if I am in menopause because they want to give my plumbing 6 months or so to see if it restarts itself. (It hasn't, so far)

    I'm also assuming that if your plumbing starts back up, that's a good sign that everything could be in working order.

    Of course, you should see a specialist if it doesn't.

    Good Luck! Be Happy!