Hi All...

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Hey everyone,
It's been a while. I hope everyone is doing well. Skylar was real sick and had to be hospitalized. He had Viral Menengitis. It was onother tuff time, but we survived. Both boys are actually home with me again today because Dallas is sick (again). It's tuff with them both home with me. I am pretty wiped from the chemo...you all know..
Anyway, I found a tiny little lump under my univolved armpit. I went to my Onc. and she thinks it might be a clogged hair folicle..or somethink due to the fact that my hair is going back. Has anyone gotten those? I totally freaked out...still am a bit. When she said she didn't think is was anything...I had a flashback to my surgeon about my breast lump.." I don't think it's cancer"..boy was he wrong. I have it checked out again Friday, I start my next round of Taxol. Well, Glad I could get on and say Hi to you all. I think and pray for you all alll the time. Take care


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    hiya, Angel,
    glad to hear from you. sorry things have been tuff for you lately. hope all gets better SOON. God bless. Vicki :)
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    Hi Angel..it's good to hear from you. I'll say a special prayer that it is a clogged hair duct. Please let us know what's going on when you feel up to it. Glad Skylar is ok now. Hopefully, Dallas will be well soon, and they'll both stay well for awhile! God bless you, Cyndi
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    Hi angel, nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear the kids were sick, hope that gets better for you. Glad you have the little Skylar home.
    That little lump you mentioned could be just an ingrown hair like the doc says or some swelling of a sweat gland, I had that before. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope things will ease up a bit for you. Take care...Love Emmi
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    angel, go with your gut, you know your body best. Good for you to keep so close an eye on yourself, I try but get scared I will find something else! your boys are blessed to have such a great Mom and even tho you might be tired/not your usual self, I'm sure they are just happy to be With You!! Take Care!!
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    Hi Angel

    Try not to worry too much (easy to say I know) but your onco is probably right & it is nothing much. We are all so vulnerable right now that we attribute every little ache, pain & lump to the dreaded disease. Try some positive affirmations & tell yourself (and mean it) "every day I am beating this disease".
    Keep us informed but don't go into panic mode. Sorry abut the kids. Meningitis is very prevalent here in NZ lately & my grandson was suspected with this 2 years ago & it was soooo worrying. Glad he is home & on the mend. Try not to tire yourself out & take every bit of help offered.
    Love & hugs
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    Angel, I am glad that all is ok with Skylar,poor little guy..I am keeping you all in my prayers and hoping that it is just a clogged hair folicle...please keep us posted . How many more Taxol rounds do you have? How is it going? Just wanted to say hello since I haven't chatted with you in awhile. God Bless..karin