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Hello, everyone I am a 25 year old mother of 2. I have stage 3a breast cancer. I just found out in July, 2002. I have had 2 chemo treatments so far. I have 8 total. I have to have mastectomy sometime around March or April, followed by 7 weeks of radiation. 7/17 lymph nodes +. I am looking for someone who's around my age, with the same stage to talk to. Hope to hear from someone soon! NJ


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    Hi NJ,
    I am 30 (29 when diagnosed), I have stage 2, I had to lymp nodes pos. and had a mastectomy (While I was prgnant along with chemo). I am still on chemo and can't wait till it's over. I know I am not as young as your or your stage but...... close enough. I am here (not working due to all this) so you can email me at [email protected] or here is fine. It's tuff but keep your head up and your heart open. You'll get thru it. Hope to hear from you.
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    NJ, I have a cousin who was stage 3 @ the age of 37. That was 10 yrs. ago & NO CANCER since! She had a masectomy & chemo. Her daughter was only 6 yrs. old, but they made it with the help of friends & family. Hang in there & best wishes for you & your children...Geral
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    hiya, NJ,
    glad you've come to this site. i'm older than you-36-but i have 3A. i've had 6 AC(Adriamycin-Cytoxin) treatments and 33 radiation treatments. i only had a lumpectomy not a mastectomy. you've got a lot of friends here. hope to hear more from you. God bless. Vicki :)
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    Hi...I'm an old lady compared to you, and had a lumpectomy, so can't totally relate to what you are going through. I just wanted you to know that you have come to a wonderful group for support, and regardless if we can relate or not, we are here for you. I wish you all the best...just remember....everything you do from here on out is getting you one step closer to being cancer free. I'll keep you in my prayers! God bless, Cyndi
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    Dear NJ25
    I can relate- Im wwwaaaayyyyyyyy OLDER than you. I was 43 with 5 teenagers and two jobs, so I can relate. (im 44 now and two of my teens are now in 20's) I also was in stage 3-If you are interested in talking to a MMMUUUCCCHHHHHHHH older friend (hair came back in all grey AND EVERYTHING) i'd be happy to talk --OK here is clue - kids LOVE to take pictures of mom with NO hair- Rotton kids!! so hid all cameras in house at once!
    God bless and feel free to pick my feeble old brain when ever you need.
    [email protected]
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    Hi, here is another ol lady lending a helping hand.. Had mastectomy, chemo, then lumpectomy , radiation and presently undergoing chemo again. Not exactly what you have but close. Stay positive , things will get better. We are here for you. Hugs and prayers coming your way....
    Love Emmi
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    Hello NJ25. I'm afraid I'm older than you,41 and proud of it. I was diagnosed with breast cancer June of 2000. I have 2 boys they were 11 and 8 then. I had a lumpectomy with 13/27+ lymph nodes. I've gone through chemo Adriamycin/Cyclophosphomide and Taxol. Also had radiation. I've had a lump removed from my left breast, bone met to my right arm and low back. Original site of tumor was right breast. I have Parkinson's Disease and went through a divorce last year. What else can I say, my faith in God has gotten me this far, and by His grace I'm still going. I don't understand your need for mastectomy. Studies show without a doubt lumpectomy's are just as cureable. The big thing now is sentinel node biopsy. Hope this helps you some. I'll be praying for you.
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    I too was a stage 3er with 11/21 positive nodes. At that time I was considered very young now I can see you get much younger out there. I wanted to write and show you that we do survive, I am 5 year survivor with plenty of hope to boot. It has been a long road since they kick the crap out of us young folk, but it is all doable as they say. Hang in there, there is so much more they can do today even compared to 6 years ago.
    Be good to yourself,
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    Hi NJ! I am a bit older than you(36) but have young children & live in NJ. I am stage 1, have gone through a mastectomy w/tram flap recon. and currently going through chemo. We have wonderful resources in NJ, call the ACS-Reach to Recovery program, they will set you up with someone who is the same stage & close to your age. I hope you are staying positive and have a good support from family & friends - this is so important!! Please feel free to email me anytime ([email protected]). Good Luck! Doris