core biopsy results: BENIGN!!!

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Hi everybody! Just wanted to share my good news with you... After extreme stressing for myself, my family & friends, my biopsy came back BENIGN!!! Thank all of you so much for your support. It helped me get through this. This wonderful news has given me another nudge to once again actively pursue help/relief for my chronic post-lumpectomy (yr. 2000) pain. Take care...


  • jmears
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    GREAT NEWS!!!!
  • vjc5199
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    congrats on your wonderful news!!! God bless. Vicki :)
  • nasa2537
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    YIPPEE!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Go enjoy life!!! I wish you the best!!! Hugs, Cyndi
  • banker
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    That is great news, see we worry ourselfs to a frazzle and then the great news happens. Congratulations, I bet you sleep a bit easier now.Hugs Emmi
  • carolynj
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    Great news!!! Now have the doctors find out why you're still in pain and hopefully they'll find something to give you some relief.

    Hugs from Carolyn
  • lindamc
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    What wonderful news!! go out and celebrate!! best of luck with getting the pain under control, remember, You know you best, don't settle for less than you deserve!!