Feeling Older-Thanks To You Feeling Better

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Thanks, Everyone!
I needed to hear your answers. I know, deep inside, I'm doing okay but from day to day it's hard to be creative on command (I'm a graphic designer in label design--spent my time in radiation doing speculative work on breast pumps of all things--get these things away from me!!!). Thank you for picking my spirits up. Now I just have to get my hormones under control. Anyone go on a hormone ride, being perimenipausal during this time?

Again, thanks for the emotional lift!



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    It is not the cancer that is making you sick and tired--it's treatment and it does not last forever--although it seems that way. I run a program and I have had so many great ideas lying there with my arm overhead--of course, I am still too tired to actually do any of them... I am thinking that it is also the psychological effect of not looking as good as I usually do--not that I look great at any moment in time--it's just that treatment is so untidy-making. I change my clothes about 4 times between getting up and getting to the office--get ready for work, go to treatment, change, change. Tends to fluff one up a bit.

    I have this theory that every major life event results in a crisis in clothes. Think about it--marriage, pregnancy, new job and now this. I have new, weird garments--all cotton bras, bigger shirts and I wear things that can be removed from the waist up...this whole thing is so undignified...oh well. Your topic hit the nail on the head--old and tired, all at once. My friends who have gone through this are living proof that this too shall pass. And I, personally, am stubborn enough to outwait just about anything.

    I was on HRT--now there's irony--from about 44 on for symptoms. I am now 54, gone off and get to go through them again. We're going through a lot, getting things under control looks more like riding the bull just now. But, we live and we recover. It just seems I need a bit more patience and need it right now! Be well.
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    Hi...glad you're feeling better about things. The only thing I have had that could be attributed to hormones is the hot flashes. I am perimenopausal, and had a couple small flashes before the cancer entered into the picture. When I started the tamoxifen...WOW!!!! It was like someone turned a heating pad on instant high, so many times a day, and the night sweats were terrible. My husband was reading one of my BC books, and it said to try 800 IU of vitamin E daily. It has done the trick for me...only a few minor flashes every once in awhile now. I also get a bit more irritable when it's period time, and then of course, never know if I'm having one or not! Right now, I'm just dealing with it. My husband knows to stay away from me when I start getting grouchy! I hope things level out for you. Enjoy your weekend...Cyndi