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I have taken advantage of taking Yoga classes at the Wellness Center by me that are scaled down to a pre-Yoga so BC people can actually do the work and feel good. I've done it twice and twice I've experienced an easier time of breathing, being aware that my back wasn't hurting and the expanders hurt less. I felt more positive and moved more freely. This was a nice discovery that this would work so well. This Monday, I am going to a more advanced class and just see what this is about and how much I can actually participate.
Has anyone else tried Yoga?
Hugs from Iris


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    Hi Iris, I haven't tried it yet but have signed up for classes in October. I heard it's great and works well for women like us so I'm glad to hear it does. I'll let you know when I go how it goes for me. Keep in touch. Hugs, Marie
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    Dear Iris:

    I've been doing Yoga for more than 20 years. When I had a bilateral mastectomy in June, I actually did modified postures while lying in bed! My surgeon was amazed at how quickly I regained mobility and range of movement, which I totally credit to yoga. It can be as gentle or as powerful as you wish. I would say to someone who is beginning after mastectomy to listen to your body; never stretch or pull beyond the point of discomfort. Unlike western sports, yoga is about "the burn," or the pain.

    Best of luck to you. Continue with your yoga whenever you is full of all kinds of benefits...even if you never tie yourself into a pretzel!

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    Hi Iris...I'm glad to hear you feel that way about yoga. I have been contemplating taking some of my radiation techs holds a class at the Cancer Center. I do believe I'll try it! Glad it's helping you so much! God bless, Cyndi
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    Yikes! I have to correct my earlier message. I mean to say Yoga is NOT about the burn...big difference.
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    Hi. I, too, have recently begun a yoga class after bil mastectomies/ reconstruction last November. I was beginning to feel that the PT stretches I used during expansion were no longer helping and have found the yoga poses very helpful for stretching not just my pecs but everything else as well. I have never worked my body so hard but felt so relaxed afterwards! I'm not very flexible yet but I think I'm seeing a difference. Was glad to see a post about this. I've sure gotten a lot of great ideas here. Hugs to all. Julie