Anyone Feel Old After Treatment?

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I know it's jus the pity pot but I feel quite out of it about now. Finished radiation in June. Burned quite badly and still feel tired. I am 51, work with late 20s.early 30s people. Feel quite out of it. Need a hang in there.


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    I was also burned quite badly. It took about 6 mos. for me to recover my strength back from the radiation. It takes awhile to bounce back. I took a nap after work so I could do my household chores and dinner. I know what you mean about being older in the younger work force. My husband deals with that all the time. I am close in age with my two fellow co-workers. Everyone else is younger. Just listen to your body and try to take little rests when you can. Do little things to make yourself happy. If you ever want to e-mail, feel free. Karen
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    Good to hear from you. I was sure I would never be my old self. I couldn't remember things I had completed at work during the treatment. When I would drop something on the floor it was all I could do to pick it up. I feel into a depression that required medication to get out of and I was then 43. I was sure my life had changed forever. I finished all treatments (lumpectomy, chemo, radiation) last July. So ... one year later ... I'm working on a very big project at work and remember things all over the place. I built retaining walls and made a vegetable and flower garden, painted our shed, helped put new tiles on the kitchen floor ... played golf ... my point is ... I'm back!!! I honestly didn't think I'd ever feel energy again ... I do and continue to have more strength and energy. Life is good!!! Hang in there ... I did have to take anti-depressants ... I think it took me 8 months to really feel energy and excitement about things. So ... another great big HANG IN THERE!!!! YOU CAN DO IT !!!! LIFE IS GOOD !!!! You're in my thoughts, Jamie
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    Hang in there. I know what you mean. I am presently undergoing chemo and work in between treatments. Because I look good and did'nt loose all my hair, they think I am fine. Trust me, it takes A LOT of willpower and determination to go on. Some of the young girls I work with call in sick when they have a hangnail. You will get better too. Radiation did not effect me that much, had 34 treatments, no burns. Everybody is different. Now chemo is another story. I had it yesterday, feel crappy today but funtional. Oh well,tomorrow is another day. by the way I am 58, if you want to talk just e-mail me, I am home for the next 4 days. Take care , hugs coming your way....Emmi
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    HANG IN THERE yes you do need that. It isn't easy growing old let alone having to face age with new concerns or more. I just found trying to get over the cancer thing has been a big ordeal and not many of us out there. I am so glad that most women are able to bounce back quite well and pick up their lives pretty much where they left them. There are also those who have changed drimatically but then again they better have or they will find themselves back here again another day. I on the other hand have found this very hard work and believe you me probably wouldn't have gotten better if I didn't realize it started and ended with me. Funny enough my son was the one who reminded me of that when he told me he realized he could blame everything on his father for not being their and being the father he needed but in the end it was just him standing in the messes he made. He realized that he had been hard on me but most of all he had been hard on himself making things much more complicated than they had to be. Funny I am finally hearing the words I need to hear from my son with whom I have been trying to drill things in his head with the constand nag. Now he is the one who has to remind me just how hard it is and how much work but it can be done because he has done so much more than I could of ever imagines and I am so grateful I am here to hear it.
    Please do me a favour quit looking at what you once were comparing yourself to other especially those 20 or 30 years younger than you. The best thing I quit doing was saying what I use to be able to do cause I can do a whole pile more just differently. That has helped me feel so much better because how I talk to myself really is where it is at. I can be awful mean calling myself useless and a hasbeen. I can be in better shape and have a better body even with no breasts, even if I don't feel good all the time. At least I am now know what it is like to feel good again.
    Be good to yourself always,
    I am sorry I have never gone on like this.
    Love to all.
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    Hang in there!!! You have just been through a lot. Give yourself a break. First of all, you shouldn't be quite as peppy as the kids anyway, and 2nd of all, they haven't just had radiation. I was less than my normal for a few months after radiation, and even now, if I go, go, go for too many days in a row, I need a day to vegetate. And, it's been almost a year since I finished. Of course, it could be that I'm aging!! But, the important thing is, don't compare yourself with them. The emotional stress alone is enough to make you exhausted. You'll be just fine as soon as your body wants to be just fine. So....hang in there!! Best wishes...Cyndi
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    Hi dear sister. I hope you are on a SERIOUS vitamin regimen. Especially a good B Complex, also E, C, a multiple, flaxseed, grapeseed, CO-Enzyme 10, selenium, folic acid, green tea capsules, fish oil. Just go to Costco and load up, you will feel like a new person in no time. Hugs, Shirlann
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    I went through chemo, radiation, and 3 orthopaedic surgeries in less than 2 years. I feel like I have aged at least 10 years. I turned 50 this year and feel 65 sometimes. But--just like you I HAVE SURVIVED! I have ditched the wheelchair and the walker and am working on getting rid of the cane. I started going back to the gym this week and mowed the grass today. Then I came back in the house and took a nap.
    These treatments really zap you and you just can't beat yourself up about it. Deal with what is and do what you need to do to take care of yourself each day.
    Lighten a funny movie or go for a walk outside.
    Thanks for listening to me.