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I am new to this group, I am in another group for Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed with B/C and had a mastectomy May 16. Have finished my 4 rounds of A/C chemo without any sickness ( Thank God ).. I wish everyone the Best in their treatment. And I hope that I continue to do well with whatever lies ahead of me. Phyllis in North Carolina


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    Hi Phyllis! Welcome. There's a great bunch of women here. I'm glad you're not getting sick. If you ever need to chat please e-mail me. Are you married? Kids? Karen in New Hampshire
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    Hi Phyllis. Welcome to this site. I live in Tennessee Glad you are doing Ok on your chemo. Judy
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    Hi Phyllis I was diagnosed in March this year so I'm fairly new to all this as well.I am also living in North Carolina although I am not a native. I come from the U.K. Keep us posted on how you are getting on, it's a great site
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    Hi Phyllis, and welcome to the group! So glad your chemo went off without a hitch. I have a friend that is doing well with her AC amazes me what they can do for the nausea nowdays. My cancer was Stage 1...caught I had a lumpectomy and radiation, and am now on tamoxifen. What is your next step? I'll say some prayers for you! Take care.....Cyndi
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    I am also new today. I came here because the I'm not getting the support i need in my "real"life. Noone seems to be getting it. Alot of that is my fault because i have a hard time asking for help. A big part of it though is that Because my nodes were negative and I don't require any more treatment, people see me as OK. They don't see the scars, I have all my hair, I don't look i must be just fine. Even some other survivors, seem to pat me on the head, like I'm not really a survivor, because i got to escape the really crappy stuff. Like loosing my boobs wasn't enough.
    I am so glad that even though you did have to go through the crappy stuff, that you are feeling well. I hope to hear from you
    Kelly in NJ
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    I am too glad that there are those who can actually make it through treatments practically unscathed. I am glad you found us and look forward to your imput on the messages. hope to see you in chat.
    Be good to yourself always,
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    hiya, Phylise,
    welcome!! glad you found us. i also had AC (6 of them). it didn't make me sick either. i had a baby to tend to so it kept my mind off what was happening to me. hope all continues to go well for you. God bless. Vicki :)