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Hello guys, i am a chinese in the capital of china-Beijing.I am so excited i want to
share all of you my success to conquer lung
cancer.After my mom got the disease,she almost tired every medical method.About 2months ago, she was so weak to get western treatment.I was almost despaired.Her thorax was full of water and blood,and weight dropped to 42kg.I searched from internet, and found a chinese traditional medicine.
It did a wonder.After a month, the water
of thorax reduced and she can eat as common poeple.I was really excited.I want to share my story with all.


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    Hi! I am so pleased about your mother's sucess. My husband has small cell lung cancer. He occasionally visits a Qi Gong master. He also takes some Chinese herbs from an acupuncturist. I am not sure yet if it is working. Would you please tell me the Chinese method that you are using? Thank you. Ann
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    my very good friend's mom has lung cancer, and i would really like to know more about that chinese treatment. could you help me?
    thank you
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    nat_1977 said:

    my very good friend's mom has lung cancer, and i would really like to know more about that chinese treatment. could you help me?
    thank you

    My husband, Tom, was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma - primary site the lung with metastasis to the liver and bone back in May of this year. We believe in both Western and Eastern medicine; therefore Tom had 4 rounds of chemo (Taxol and Carboplatin), had a CAT scan where the tumors have stabilized (they did not shrink) and has also been following a supplemental protocol prescribed to us by our Chinese Medical Practitioner, Michael Broffman in San Anselmo, CA (near San Francisco). I don't know where you live but it would be worth a phone call to contact Michael. 415-485-0484. Tom was not feeling great and going downhill fast before his 1st chemo treatment. Since about 5-6 days after his 1st chemo, he has been feeling great. His energy level is down only about 10% but he goes to work everyday, exercises, eats well - meditates every day and takes about 15 different supplements that Michael has prescribed for him. What we found in our research, is that we feel it's very important to meet someone who is experienced in the research and treatment of cancer from around the world and who reads and keeps up with all the various protocols available. We could never know what the best supplements are that would compliment the Western drugs that Tom has been taking. It's really important to see someone who knows what they are doing. Michael and his staff read about 60 medical journals a month from around the world. He goes to China twice a year to check out the labs where he gets his herbs, to visit hospitals, doctors, etc. And everyone's cancer is different. I hope this information helps and if I can be of further assistance please email me directly at [email protected].
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    so what was the treatment?