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Hi Everyone:

I want to thank all of you for your prayers. I finally got home this afternoon. I had problems with an infection, but my fever finally came down yesterday. It is excrutiating to eat, but otherwise o.k.

The only surgical surprise was a tumor on the abdominal wall under my ribs. My surgeon found it when he was opening me up to work on the esophogus. It was strange in that he didn't even tell my husband after the surgery. My husband had even asked if he had seen any other problems. When I awoke I asked that very question and was reassured that nothing new was found. Then when the surgeon visited with us late Friday night - he told us about the new tumor. The good news is that he went ahead and removed it. So now we will wait and see although I don't really believe that it could possibly change my treatment. We were just surprised that it hadn't been spotted during any of my tests. I had been experiencing a lot of discomfort under my ribcage on the left side. I had told doctors but they didn't really respond to the discomfort. Now I wonder if this was the problem. When we asked where it was located he pointed on his own body I was still drugged so neither of us are sure what side it was on, but I will ask at my next appointment.

I am just thankful to be home AT LAST in my own bed. I thought that the liquid diet for two weeks followed by soft diet for six more weeks would really drive me crazy. Although I was keeping track of everything that Tom ate at the hospital including a Roast Beef dinner during the first 24 hours when I wasn't even allowed a sip of water or ice chips, I have found it so difficult to even swallow liquids that I have NO DESIRE to eat solid food. I can't even imagine being able to eat real food.

Last note - I am truly blessed with my husband and friends. My husband stayed with me in my room the entire stay. He only left the room to get a carryout meal from the cafeteria. AS for our friends, I never like to tell any of our friends when I am having a procedure because I am so private and I get so very nervous in advance of the procedure. Once the surgery is over, I am able to cope with the outcome. It is the unknown. I don't want anyone other than Tom with me. Well I knew that two friends were coming to sit with Tom, up to now he has been by himself during procedures and surgery and he is so like me that this isn't a problem. When I woke from the surgery, Tom told me that seven friends had been with him in the waiting room. I almost died on the spot, but it was over at that point. Yes, they actually all came up to see me once Tom said I was o.k. with it. HOwever, he said that he was sure when he saw my first reaction that if I had had any idea that they were all coming - I would have never shown up. He's right! HOwever, I realize how much we are both blessed by our friends.

Thank you all for your support as well!

Love, prayers and hugs,



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    Welcome home Kat!!!
    Wheeee! You made it! Wonderful! Now take care and let others take care of you. Let yourself heal and get ready for all your new adventures.
    Be well Kat!
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    Hi Kat...so glad you are home! It's great to have a support system, isn't it? I'm sure your desire to eat will come back. It may be better that you don't feel like solid food right now...let yourself heal up, and I'm sure you'll be eating again in no time! I'll send some prayers out for a quick recovery! God bless,