This is Cathy again and I'm hopin!

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Maybe I've revealed too much, I don't know. I could use the company. Someone to share with'


  • grandma
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    Hi Cathy,
    and I don't like the chat rooms, too many ears.
    You didn't reveal too much, I read your profile? If thats what it is called, and you have been thru a lot, but you have the # 1 person on your side and that is GOD!!!
    You will find that we all have a lot of faith in HIM.
    I was dx with B cancer in Jan.02, had a left mastectomy, and finished chemo in July.
    have been trouble with my throat and had a ct scan yesterday, will get results when I see the Dr. Thurs.
    Was to start tamoxifen in Aug. but Dr. wants to make sure of what is wrong with my throat first, not sore, just feels like I am being choked, pressure on it, and hard to talk.Sounds like I have a bad cold, but don't.
    I have a hard time talking about my illness, because I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, and I know there are others out there worse off than I am.
    On here, I feel more comfortable because the ladies understand and can relate, So--- feel free to talk away and someone will answer you. there is LOTS of LOVE here.
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    Dear Cathy;
    I am here. Just to be in this company of other survivors feels good to me. I'm new here, too, but need to be in a support group that I can go to anytime of the night or day.
    I found that as my illness is now almost 2 years since diagnosis a lot of "friends" have sort of forgotten to call. They get busy or it is too much for them to handle. They were great at first, but now it has been so long. Also, I had to quit work and they didn't see me everyday. It happens.
    At this website, we can talk anytime and understand each other.
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    Silly goose, this is the PLACE to tell anything and everything that pops in your head. We are all sisters and love each other and want everyone well and happy. We all pray for the day when these sites will be silent, until then, you post all the time and we love you. Gentle hugs, Shirlann