Carolyn's liver biopsy results

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Hi Everyone,

Got a call from my oncologist late this afternoon with good results. The lesion in my liver isn't cancerous, but she still wants to schedule a Pet scan. It will be in October after I return from a fall foliage cruise. I've been looking forward to my first cruise since the first of the year before BC and LC. Really didn't think I would make this trip with five friends.

The PET scan can only be scheduled on a Tuesday since that's the day the mobile unit comes to the hospital where I'm being treated. So I'm hoping I can have it done on Oct.8th, the day after I return.

I'll be flying from SF to Montreal on 9/27, then cruising on the Royal Princess to Quebec, Halifax, St. John, Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport, and then NY. I'm going to concentrate on having some fun and not thinking about anymore tests until I return.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Your prayers were definitely heard.

Hugs from Carolyn


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    that's wonderful news, Carolyn. Have a great vacation. We all know you deserve it. My husband has extensive small cell, but he's in no shape to take even a short trip. Maybe later. Are you in San Francisco? If so, where are you being treated? We are in S.F. Congratulations on your results. Ann