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HOWDY everyone !
Well I just wanted to stop bye and say hello to all. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and my one MONTH anniversary of being a survivor. *jumps for joy-makes grimmance coz I hurt myself jumping to high LOL* I have been burning my candles at both ends over the last month, for it feels so good to NOT feel bad when you get up in the mornings. EVeryday is a party w/o pain and it feels so good. I just wanted to let every know that there is an end to all this =even somedays when it dosn't seem like it. Love to all my sisters, always and forever
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*runs around room and hugs everyone is sight*


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    I am so glad that you are feeling good, what a nice break from the previous years regime. Glad to hear your doing things you once did but remember to take good care of yourself. ENJOY...
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    Hi bullfrog! Just wanted to say Congratulations on your one month! Glad to hear you are feeling good!