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Hi everyone, My one year anniversary of being a survivor. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!I guess I needed to just type. With everything with 9-11, it reminds me that I was learning last year at this time 9/10 that I probably had a lump and it wasn't looking good for me. But instead of worrying overly about that, I watched the TV for days last year and in some way, the 9-11 was someway helping me cope with the terrible thoughts of cancer. I remember thinking I am one life that is going through a personal thing just think of all those people and family that have lost their lives. It kind of put things in perspective. Within a couple weeks from 9/11, I found out I had breast cancer and therefore the roller coaster started. Sorry I'm sounding a bit on my downhill ride of my roller coaster, I am generally pretty upbeat and personable. Thanks for letting me "just type my thoughts".

Well enjoy reading everyone's notes. It helps alot to get up and read, thank you. PS On a lighter note, my arm is paining me today, no not from cleaning too much, for reaching and stretching too far to shut off my alarm. I really need to get in some exercise on this arm. Love Darla


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    Good morning Darla. Congratulations on your 1 year Anniv. of Survivorship(Is this a word???). Today is my 2 year Anniv. as a survivor and a date I will never forget! Let's all pray for peace and hope we get thru this day without any problems!(I live just outside of NYC!) HUGS to ALL!!! Cathy