Take Two! Marty goes a chemo-ing....

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Hello All!!!

Well, here we go again... another week, another chemo... *rolls eyes* This is round number 2... am hoping that it goes much better for me this week as that last one was a doozy! *grin*

Poor Dean, he had sympathy chemo too... he was nauseated while I was and he has "chemo brain" too. It's so frustrating to not be able to recall the simplest things!!! *shakes head*

Oh, btw, the hair has come off, for the most part. T'was falling out in clumps.. it TICKLED! *laughs* I could only trim it down tight, didn't have the proper blade for a bald pate... *laughs* I feel like a sheared hedgehog now... Dean shaved his hair off as well... first leaving a mohawk to mess with the girls when they returned from their father's place. That was hysterical!!! Last night Sasha shaved the 'hawk off as we are sure t'would be frowned upon at work... *rolls eyes, smiling*

Have to run, much to do and not much time to do it in!!! Wish me well! Was so nervous this morn' a friend caught my hands shaking! *smiles* It'll be good... I believe!

Enormous thanks and hugs for all the support, vocal, physical, written and thought... it means so much to me. Truly!!

Have fun, take a deep breath and live!!

Be well!!!


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    Hi Marty, I belong to this site but don't write too often. I read your jokes a while ago and wanted to say thanks because you made me smile. I've gone through the same thing your going through now and even though it's hell, it does get better but I see you're so positive that it shines right through the screen. Hang in there and I'll remember you in my prayers as I do all our sisters in this battle. It's a battle that we HAVE to win! Take care, hugs, Marie