Soon to be Wed the 11

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Just wanted to let my American neighbors to know that I am thinking of you and am grateful for all you have accomplished since that horrific day. The world lost many people that day, for this I pray.
Keeping you close at heart and always on my mind,


  • jmears
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    You are a very sweet person. 9/11 was a very scary experience for this country. It was an eye opener for a lot of people and I think we as a nation value what we have a lot more ... I see it in the people around me. I'm so sad that people hate what we are and have done so much that they would commit suicide to express thier hate. Like I said ... it's a very scary experience. Thanks Tara. You are in my thoughts. Jamie
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    Oh Tara how very kind of you to think of us in the middle of this illness. Thank you! Now, if we can just keep Bush from attacking Iraq. Where in the billy blue hill did that assinine idea come from? And he is hasseling all our friends (all 3 of them) to go along with him. Sighhh, just what we need. The big know it all lecturing the world on Human Rights and then attacking a sovreign nation for no good reason. Damn, I wish they would listen to us, stupid policticians. Again, dear Tara, thank you. Gentle hugs, Shirlann