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Hi everyone. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. I did not have the CMF as planned. My CA 153 markers went sky high very quickly & my oncologist was worried that CMF was too slow to work. So he is giving me some more Adriamycin. I had 6 cycles of that last year & there is only so much of it they can give as it is highly toxic to the heart muscle & this will be my lot of that drug but it does work quickly & will give him time to reconsider what we try next. We have both promised each other not to give up on me. As a have had Adriamycin before I am OK with the side effects. I know how to cope with them & it's not too bad second time around. It's the Taxotere I found so hard. I have my #2 cycle on Thursday & am hoping the blood tests show better results this time around.

Love & hugs to all from a very spring like New Zealand.



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    Pam,its so great to hear from you. Glad you're doing well and I will keep praying that you're markers go down.You sound like you're handling everything well,you're positive attitude is wonderful !! You hang in there and be strong !! We are all here for you cheering !!!!! God Bless,,,Karin
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    I know how tired you are of all this Pam. You are such a trooper, hang in there honey. We have missed you and hope that your energy allows you to join us more often. Spring is a wonderous time of year, can hardly wait for ours Next Year!
    Love ya,
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    So good to hear from you and to hear you are not giving up. Just keep kicking butt girl! You know you are in my prayers daily. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for being my friend and enjoy as much as that spring weather as you can. I know you are glad to see winter behind you. Spring is a time for renewal - for you and the world around you. How is your husband holding up? He is on this roller coaster ride with you. Hang onto each other.

    God Bless,
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    Ah Pam, I am so sorry. **** disease! Know you are in my prayers and when you feel that breeze in the waiting rooms or the flutter in the OR, it is us, all your sisters, in spirit, with you every step of the way. You are loved very much. Hugs, Shirlann